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We live to perform, collaborate, with a freedom to be you, do you, and receive the blessings found in our art. A Life without music, Chaos would reign.

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I’m a left handed guitar player and vocalist who considers himself a singer songwriter. I started playing guitar and sing/performing for audiences April 2012 at One Eyed Jacks in Fairborn, Ohio. This was a time in my life when I was dealing with a lot of adversity that seemed to never end.

I joined the United State Marine Corps four months before graduating high school in 2003. I grew up in Dublin, Ohio and man was the Marine Corps a change from my everyday life in suburbia USA. I have ADHD and one of the best drugs for me was the Marine Corps, according to my mother! I was deployed to Iraq in 2004 and was injured during training, which I tore my left meniscus and anterior crucial ligament. First real bit of adversity I ever had to deal with was being injured and an active duty Marine.

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